All bikers have experienced the same problem, that of not being able to start his bike cold and especially in winter. If there is no miracle solution, many tricks can help speed up the maneuver, and, incidentally, you avoid arriving late for each trip! In the case of a conventional start at the beginning of the day or when leaving work, here are our tips for starting your two-wheeled motorcycle in the right conditions:

  • Keep your bike as cold as possible by putting it in the garage or under shelter rather than outside and covering it with a cloth or protective cover specially designed for this purpose. 
  • To avoid unpleasant surprises,  regularly check the condition of your battery and candle and the cleanliness of the air filter. The failure of one of these three points can, combined with the cold, complicate, or even make impossible, the starting of the motorcycle. Also, be sure to use a more liquid oil in winter, because it can thicken under the effect of cold.  
  • It will be easier to start if you operate the accelerator once or twice before starting. This allows us bringing more fuel to the carburetor.
  • If the motorcycle stalls when starting,  use the choke and let the engine run for a few minutes to warm up gradually the mechanics and the tires. Once on the road, wait until the bike is warm before pushing the reports.
  •  To start the engine, you can try to kick start if you have one. Be careful in this case, not to accelerate to avoid drowning the engine.
  • There are also starter sprays to test when you are in a hurry! Composed of flammable gas, they boost the start of combustion. Spray the product at the air filter inlet and press the starter.
  • Another solution to test: the ”  stroller.” In second,  push the bike to get it to speed and then climb on it and release the clutch. Several tests may be necessary before the engine is well launched! If your bike is cumbersome, consider getting help to get speed.
  • In case of repeated failures,  check your battery. Your unsuccessful attempts may have emptied it. Recharge it with a starter cord by connecting to a car, or use a  motorcycle or car battery charger if you have one. You will need a minimum of battery to trigger the ignition and start the bike.
  • It may also be that your candle (s) need to be cleaned or changed, especially if you have drowned the engine by testing. Check their condition and, if necessary, disassemble, wipe and dry with a cloth before putting them back in place. If they are hard to reach or you do not have enough to clean them up, waiting half an hour before attempting to restart may save you temporarily.
  • Attention, in the case of the restart of a  motorcycle in wintering, the problem is different, and additional precautions are necessary. Also, check out our article to find out how to prepare your bike for wintering.

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