Questions to ask yourself when choosing the best-used motorcycle

Above all, you must know your needs before starting a search. You must determine the use you will make of your motorcycle to find an opportunity that will meet your expectations. Here is a list of questions to put you on the track:

  • Is it for walks (solo or duet) or to get to work?
  • What mileage do you plan to ride a year or so?
  • What is the budget you can allocate for this purchase?

From your answers, you will have the opportunity to direct your search correctly. Also, be sure to know the odds of the motorcycle model you want to buy so you do not get caught on the price.

If this is your first bike, take the time to learn about each brand. You must know the recurring defects of each manufacturer, its strengths, its uses, etc. Also, compare the amounts requested for motorcycle models and equivalent mileage.

Points to check before buying a used motorcycle

To be sure to obtain a second-hand bike that is still usable, there are some key things to check before you sign the check. First, the overall condition of the bike. Check if the two-wheeler is clean and works properly.

To do this, check the frame of the bike: traces of rust, the bump on the tank, the number of the structure compared to that of the registration card, the state of engine mountings, the state of the paint (beware of repainted motorcycles), etc.

Then, lean on each part of the bike, the swingarm (check if there is no side play), the different cables (lever output cables, gear lever …), the whole electrical circuit, handlebars and steering, wheel alignment, lights, etc.

Engine side, you must have an eye on oil traces, the chain (its travel must remain free and without any hardpoint), the state of hardware, etc. Start the engine and listen to the hum. Make sure there are no suspicious sounds or clicks. Also, observe the smoke that is clear in the muffler (the inside of the pot must be light brown).

It is also essential to try the bike yourself to identify hidden damage. So be sure to stay focused.

Papers to check and ask the seller

It is useful to check all the documents of the bike to avoid any inconvenience or lousy surprise. The registration card and the invoice for the purchase of the motorcycle must be in the norms.

Review the review dates and mileage of the two-wheeler. You must be wary of high-mileage motorcycles because they are exposed to faster wear.

Once the price has been set, the seller and the buyer must sign a certificate of assignment (or sale). Also, the seller must provide the buyer with:

  • a certificate of non-pledge
    • the technical sheet of the motorcycle
    • the toolkit
    • the duplicate keys
    • and the maintenance notebook of the bike

Anticipate a scam

If the sale of new motorbikes does not pose too many worries, that of occasion requires a certain mistrust.

Cases of scams are now prevalent, so be careful. One can come across a fake motorcycle sales site, offering exclusive rates, free shipping, and other more than advantageous conditions: except that the bikes are either stolen or non-existent. If you decide to buy on the Internet, take a good look at the legal notice.

To guard against these scams, the best thing is always to buy from an individual you have met. Always prefer a seller close to you. It will be easy to find it in case of a problem or hidden defect.

Finally, never pay before having a bike. That’s why it’s essential to take a dealer near you, where you can hand over the money and leave immediately with your superb motorcycle!

Otherwise, the ultimate solution to guard against a scam is to buy from a dealer. You are sure of its reliability, and in case of dispute, you are protected by a sales contract. In any case, remember to check each point of the bike and, for a first purchase, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a more experienced rider. An “old” will always be happy to help a novice rider to learn how to choose the best bike possible and give him the way to pamper him in the long run!

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