Like the cars that have a rating at the Argus, the bikes also have a score in various specialized newspapers. The rank that serves as a reference to dealers and professionals is that of the Official Cycle Motorcycle. However, it is often the lowest rating.

To avoid under-selling your beautiful machine or believing that all sellers are trying to rip you off, check out the Central and Argus listing.

You will have a range of prices, allowing you to better position yourself in the market and thus have a margin of negotiation with the seller or the buyer. Also, it is essential to consider the correct date to calculate the odds of your bike. The latter loses its value as soon as it leaves the dealer. It is, therefore, essential to avoid confusing the year of manufacture with the date of entry into circulation.

If the two-wheel bike left the factory in March 2013, but the dealer sells it in January 2014, it is this last date that counts!

Attention to mileage

Another element involved in the calculation of the rating and therefore, in the estimate of the value of your bike: the average annual mileage. It is 6,000 km for a roadster and 12,000 for a road bike.

If you covet engine has rolled more, there is a discount to be applied. Conversely, it will incorporate a premium if the mileage is lower. This is 0.5% per 1,000 kilometers, one way or the other.

Valuing the interview

Of course, the daily maintenance of the bike is an essential element in the price and can appreciate a two-wheeled, as on the contrary, give rise to a reduction in price. Among the various factors that influence the final value, there are:

  • The regular review at a dealership;
  • The place of parking of the motorcycle: if it is in the garage, it is better;
  • Recent repairs: if there are new parts, the bike has taken a blow of youth! ;
  • Respect for the winter  ;
  • The condition of the tires: if they are worn more than 50%, there may be a price reduction of € 200;
  • The changes on the bike: check that they are approved;
  • The added accessories: GPS, cameras, bags, handsfree … are all attachments that you can sell at the same time to increase the price.

These different items will help you determine the absolute value for the bike model you want to sell or buy. In both cases, you will know your trading margin, as well as the factors that will drive up the auction.

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