It is now official. Drivers of two or three wheels will soon have onboard their engine capacity, a “yellow vest” or retro vest “reflective.” A measure that did not necessarily please the main stakeholders, two-wheeled drivers, but which aims to reduce the wrong figures of road mortality announced earlier this year.

That by wearing the vest when they get off their vehicle, following an emergency stop, “to improve their visibility.” We all know that motorcycle safety is paramount. Indeed, the pilot is directly exposed in case of an accident.

Necessary accessories are allowing the pilot to protect themselves but also specific protections.

Focus on essential protections for motorcycle riders!

Quality basic equipment

In 2013, motorcyclists accounted for more than 19% of those killed on the road, with motorcycle fatalities down 5% in one year. For optimum protection, the rider must be equipped with essential accessories enabling him to ensure his physical integrity. The suit, the helmet, the boots, and the gloves are crucial to protect a person adequately.

The choice of these elements should not be trivial, and it is necessary to focus on the quality and certification of the equipment. Admittedly, the aesthetic is pleasant for the eyes, but it is better to opt for a stable and robust material to remedy accidents. This choice will be similar for a car driver who must imperatively equip the appropriate equipment during a race or solely during a training course.

For the purchase of a helmet, for example, it is advisable to buy a new product. Used equipment may have already received shocks likely to make the mask unfit for use. It is crucial to choose the right size to help maintain the ride and allow you to be in optimal conditions when driving. Other criteria come into play, such as ventilation, weight, and brand. That’s why it’s best to check with an expert!

Optimize your equipment even more

Because we do not joke with life, it is, therefore, necessary to equip ourselves always more and always better. Yes, getting well equipped is a matter of budget, but life has a price too! Different equipment provides the biker more protection in case of a fall. These are intended to protect areas of the body that may be vulnerable in the event of an accident.

This is particularly the case for knees or elbows. These can be protected using knee pads or elbow pads. Also, the spine remains one of the sensitive points in case of an accident. It is, therefore, better to have a back protector. The latter is placed along the back and can absorb shocks in case of disaster. The lumbar belt can also be useful for that!

Prevention being at the heart of this article, it is important to anticipate a fall or an accident. Just like the yellow vest, it may be wise to equip reflective strips to be seen by other road users. Security can be improved with the hardware, but it is essential to be cautious. Be attentive and pay attention on the road!

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