Many are the techniques of motorcycle theft: robbery by kidnapping, bike-jacking, home-jacking, larceny by trick … By their lightness, motorcycles are easy to steal. With this comprehensive guide, learn all the skills to effectively protect your bike against theft and how to understand and use the best locks.

Part 1:

  • 1. Theft by kidnapping: prevention techniques
  • 2. What equipment for optimal protection against theft?
  • 3. Prevent bike-jacking: the behavior

Part 2:

  • 4. Protect your motorcycle from home-jacking
  • 5. Beware of cunning motorcycle theft
  • 6. Antitheft marking

Part 3:

  • 7. Moto Guard: The post-flight mobile app
  • 8. Motorcycle theft: what to do?
  • 9. Motorcycle theft: tips in a nutshell

1. Theft by kidnapping: prevention techniques

Theft by crime is undoubtedly the most widespread motorcycle theft. Here are some precautions to avoid getting stolen when parked on the street :

  • Thieves are quick to seize opportunities offered by careless bikers. Do not leave a bike without protection for a second.
  • If possible, park in a well lit and prominent street.
  • Do you close your gate or the garage door? Never leave the keys on the touch and be vigilant.
  • Securely attach your motorcycle to street or street furniture with a quality chain or U lock.

2. What equipment for optimal protection against theft?

No antitheft is foolproof. To put the odds on your side, we advise you to combine the various motorcycle antitheft equipment.

Channels and U: how to maximize their antitheft effectiveness

We advise you to choose:

  • a chain with links at least 14 mm in diameter
  • a U whose handle is at least 16 mm in diameter.

The performance of these locks is, of course, increased tenfold if they are attached to a fixed point.

Antitheft tips without a fixed point

If you do not have a suitable fixed point where to attach your bike, you can connect your lock:

  • Preferably on the front wheel: To do it right, the U or the chain must take a wheel stick and two fork shafts while passing over the brake calipers.
  • On the rear wheel: the U or the chain must take a wheel stick as well as the swingarm.
  • Between the two wheels, for better protection by taking part in the frame
  • Be careful. The chain must never touch the ground.
  • In any case, attach your lock to an item that can not be dismantled.

Speedway Board

Never carry your lock in your backpack, instead equip a motorcycle antitheft support. In case of an accident, this can be very dangerous for the spine.

Focus on the disk lock

The disk lock can only be used in addition to a chain and a U. It can then add difficulty for the thief and be a deterrent.

Thieves know how to destroy them relatively quickly.

Do not rely solely on a disk lock to protect your motorcycle from theft during extended parking, especially at night.

With a fixed point: the ideal solution

The channels and lock U are the most effective antitheft devices, if they are secured to a fixed end (wall, post, gate, ground …). This will force the thieves to destroy the lock to seize your bike. All this takes time and can increase the risk for the thief to be spotted. These types of locks can, therefore, deter or prevent it from acting.


A motorcycle alarm must be associated with the chain or a U lock. Only, it will not protect your motorcycle effectively against theft. Often when the alarm sounds, the thief adopts an attitude that does not alarm passersby. The latter only intervenes very rarely when an alarm is triggered. Also, thieves often use the following technique: they trigger the alarm and proceed to theft once the signal has been cut or stopped.

An optional remote alarm trigger warning system such as the Tecnoglobe TGRE transceiver can help you be informed if your alarm is triggering. Still, you must not be too far from your bike to react quickly.

If you need an alarm for your two-wheelers, do not hesitate to consult our comparison of Tecnoglobe motorcycle alarms.

Approved locks: the assets

The SRA certified and. Or NF certified “certified by FFMC” locks guarantee their solidity and reliability. Do not hesitate to consult the list of motorcycle locks recommended in 2015 by the FFMC (French Federation of Angry Bikers).

Discover also the importance of a burglar approved for insurers in case of theft. Indeed, today, most insurance companies will ask you to own an approved motorcycle lock to claim compensation. Check out our article ” Motorcycle Insurance and Anti Theft.

If you want to buy a motorcycle lock, check out our buying guide for a motorcycle lock.

3. Prevent bike-jacking: the behavior

Although marginal, theft by bike-jacking increases. It is defined as the theft of a motorcycle when it is running and when the rider drives it. Thieves are increasingly resorting to this snatching in response to the steadily increasing performance of antitheft and antitheft techniques. The attacks often happen when the motorcyclist is at a red light.

To protect yourself from this type of attack, often violent and traumatic, follow these simple tips :

  • Make sure you spend the least time stopping and, if possible, not having to stop at a red light. You can try to slow down when the sun is red to hope it turns green, and your bike stays in motion.
  • When stopped, keeping the first gear engaged will allow you to start faster if you feel that you are the target of a bike-jacker.
  • Avoid staying on the side of the road, and you will be more protected in the middle of the way.
  • If you have to stop, stay alert, and watch your surroundings. Bike-jackers often take advantage of the surprise effect caused by the lack of vigilance of their victims.
  • In all cases, play caution and do not try to escape if you are directly threatened.

There are post-flight geolocation systems in connection with the police. They can track your bike if it is stolen, as proposed by the company Tracker.

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