Part 2:

  • 4. Protect your motorcycle from home-jacking
  • 5. Beware of cunning motorcycle theft
  • 6. Antitheft marking

4. Protect your motorcycle from home-jacking

Thieves can break into your home to search for the keys to your bike. Do not make it easy for them. Here are some tips to prevent theft of your motorcycle or motorcycle keys inside your home or garage:

  • Never leave your keys on your motorcycle in the garage
  • Permanently illuminate your garden, your house entrance, and parking. Light has a strong deterrent effect on thieves.
  • Use two different key rings for your house keys and motorcycle keys.
  • Never leave your motorcycle keys in the entrance and do not leave them in evidence. Keep them out of sight of the burglars.
  • Redouble vigilance in case of inclement weather. The sound of wind or thunderstorms conceals the noises caused by theft: an opportunity for thieves to proceed with the flight in all discretion.
  • Set up standard measures to prevent the intrusion of criminals. Discover the best anti-burglary practices recommended by the Ministry of the Interior.

5. Beware of cunning motorcycle theft

Do you intend to sell your motorcycle? You will present your vehicle to potential buyers who want to try it. Before you give your keys to a stranger, you must verify the identity of the person by asking for a piece of identification that you will keep during the test. This piece of identity can itself be false. We, therefore, recommend you to be clairvoyant and use your intuition. In any case, do not accept the following pledges which may be counterfeit and do not show the good faith of your buyer, nor compel him to return to return your bike:

  • A key may have no value for the thief potential
  • A bank check must always be verified with the bank
  • The tickets must be checked.

Never show your motorcycle at home. The thief could then come back to rob you. Choose a neutral place where there is passage and preferably during the day.

This type of practice for reselling your motorcycle presents a risk of increased theft. In case of theft, you must prove to your insurer that you intend to resell your bike.

6. Antitheft marking

The engraving, tattoo, or antitheft marking consists of engraving the last seven characters of the serial number on 11 points of your motorcycle. It can deter theft but will not prevent it. It will nevertheless hinder the thief’s plans. The resale of spare parts will be much more difficult.

To know everything about the engraving of your bike, go to the AMV Sécurité website, which specializes in SRA approved antitheft engraving.

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