Part 3:

  • 7. Moto Guard: The post-flight mobile app
  • 8. Motorcycle theft: what to do?
  • 9. Motorcycle theft: tips in a nutshell

7. Moto Guard: The post-flight mobile app

If despite all your efforts, you have been stolen from your bike, the Moto Guard app is handy and can give you hope! If your motorcycle is stolen, you can launch a kidnapping alert on the app that will notify the biker community. This increases the chances of someone locating it and finding it. The app calls on the solidarity of motorcyclists in the face of motorcycle theft that enrages so many drivers of two-wheelers …

Tip: For more efficiency, we advise you to download it now so that the information on the bike is already ready in case of theft, and you can launch the alert as soon as possible.

At Speedway, we have tested (and approved!) The Moto Guard app. Find out more by reading our article on the best mobile apps for bikers.

8. Motorcycle theft: what to do?

When you fall victim to a motorcycle theft, you must take precautions to avoid inevitable consequences that are related to it. How to react in case of the theft of your two-wheeled vehicle? We give you the procedure to follow.

Submit a complaint within 24 hours of stealing your motorcycle

When you notice the theft of your bike, you must immediately file a claim. To do this, you must go to the police station or the gendarmerie of the place where this disaster occurred.

The time to complete this formality to clear your liability for the use that could be made of your two-wheeled machine after it has been stolen is 24 hours. Your stolen motorcycle may be involved in offenses such as a crime or an accident. A receipt is given to you by the police during this procedure.

Inform your insurance company of the theft of your motorcycle

The process is not limited to filing a complaint. You must also inform your insurance company within 48 hours of this complaint. Notify your insurer that your two-wheeler has been stolen is an essential step for at least two reasons:

  • The referral to your insurance company allows you to cover the costs of repair and recovery within the limit of the value of your motorcycle if it is found within 30 days of its disappearance.
  • If no trace of your vehicle is found within this time, you can then benefit from the flight guarantee included in your insurance contract. Your insurer compensates you by reimbursing you for the price of your bike.

As a general rule, the company that ensures you have an expert who will calculate the exact amount of reimbursement to which you are entitled.

 Your insurer may take into account specific criteria such as the condition of the machine or a rating based on the local market.

The importance of re-reading your motorcycle insurance policy

The different insurance companies offer you contracts that stand out from each other in terms of guarantees. The repayment conditions differ depending on the formulas. It is for this reason that you must take the necessary time to read your motorcycle insurance policy carefully.

You will avoid unpleasant surprises in case of theft of your bike. Make sure that you have met the conditions such as giving your motorcycle an authorized lock, parking in a closed car park, or have it engraved. Keep in mind that you will not receive a refund if the offense you are a victim of is not included in your policy.

9. Motorcycle theft: tips in a nutshell

Protecting your motorcycle against theft is the combination of several precautionary principles :

  • Quality antitheft equipment
  • Well installed locks
  • Good lashing
  • The use of several locks
  • Common sense
  • Caution
  • Good habits
  • Vigilance

If you provide proof that you have made every effort to protect your motorcycle against theft, the indemnification of motorcycle theft by your insurance will be promoted.

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