On a motorcycle, whatever the season, safety must always be preferred. In the event of a fall, it is essential to be always well protected. But when the weather comes, the equipment can be stuffy and poorly adapted to heat. Fortunately, it is possible to choose lighter accessories and clothes that are still effective. Follow our recommendations to enjoy spring bike outings safely and comfortably!

Helmets and glasses: protect your face

Spring rhymes with the sun, and that says sun also says heats and dazzling. For your comfort and safety, think about sunglasses! In the morning and at the end of the afternoon, the light is often grazing and diminishes your visibility. On the road, the lack of visual information can be uncomfortable but also dangerous. So remember to equip yourself to move safely. However, be careful not to lose visibility in tunnels, for example.

The first heat is also the question of the helmet that arises: too heavy, too stuffy. It can often be embarrassing for the rider. But since helmets are mandatory, regardless of the season, you can only opt for a lighter model. The integral remains the most protective helmet. It is not recommended to wear a jet helmet, especially when you ride at high speed. So always prefer the full-face mask, even in summer.

If you want to ride with the chinrest open, choose a Jet and Integral approved modular helmet: this way, you will preserve your safety while opting for more comfort.

Lighter but still efficient equipment

To choose your mid-season gear, you must keep in mind that protection is the most crucial feature. So we opt for machines a little less coverage but providing adequate protection.

  • The mid-season gloves: in the spring, with the leniency of time, one would be tempted to remove his gloves. But beware, in case of fall, your hands will undoubtedly regret the absence of gloves: this part of the body is one of the most exposed to abrasion. Be sure to choose gloves that are tight on your wrists. For mid-season, we recommend a model a little lighter and less insulating but still resistant to rain. You can opt for a pair of textile – which protects nevertheless less well than leather – with lower insulation. For city traffic, these will be sufficient, but for the road, prefer leather gloves that will better protect you from abrasion.
  • The mid-season jacket: Preventing warmth in the spring and protecting against rain is the challenge your mid-season jacket has to face. Your winter jacket will probably not be suitable for the first heat, so plan to equip you for the spring of a coat with a removable liner! You can opt for an urban jacket if you are a city biker: lightweight and comfortable, it is also equipped with protective shells and a waterproof membrane. If you plan to do more road at high speed, opt for jackets with approved backbone. If your coat is not provided, you can purchase it at a reasonable price.
  • The mid-season pants: in spring, the leather pants can be a good ally. If not, you can opt for jeans without sacrificing your protection! Use a reinforced Armalith® knee and hip design to protect you from abrasion and minimize the risk of injury in the event of a fall.
  • The footwear midseason: in spring, the shoes you wear motorcycle must always be adapted to the use you make of it. For city traffic, you can choose a pair of sneakers adapted to the bike. Be careful that they are rising to ensure the protection of your ankles. For higher speed road traffic, choose the tall leather boots that will give you

the best protection.

A quick reminder, your equipment must be homologated since 2003: so be sure to choose a standard computer, whatever the season, to ensure your safety and protection, whether in urban areas or on the road.

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