RSBK 2020 after COVID-19 — What’s next?

RSBK 2020 after COVID-19 — Whats next?

Author: Natalie Fetisova

There is no person in Russia, Europe or USA who could say that his life goes on as before. The prohibition of mass events restrictions on entry, a two-week isolation, masono-glove hysteria – all this touched and motorsports, nullifying the progress of the last decade. Speaking about such global things I want to shorten the distance – at least until the infamous 1.5 meters – and understand the details.

As the virus struck in motorsports? What do the athletes in isolation? Whether this season of the race? Will tell about this article and try to find the answer to the main question – what to do and how to proceed.

As injured racing calendar RSBK 2020?

Russian Superbike Championship International Cup (RSBK), in which takes place the Championship of Russia on highway-ring motorcycle racing, this season was supposed to start on April 19. This event could become a landmark for the discipline ring racing: racing earlier stages are passed before the may holidays due to the climatic characteristics of the middle band. New circuit “Formidable Fortress”, located in the Chechen Republic, allowed to add to season for 2 months! Unfortunately, measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection shortened it to the same 2 months…

RSBK 2020 after COVID-19 — Whats next?

The organizers RSBK moved cross-country stages in April and may, and abolished the pre-season camp. Commenting on this situation, the governing body noted the possibility of missed stages in the format of “doubleheader” – two scoring races in one weekend, as it was in September 2019.

The main victims of course are the racers who have lost the opportunity to enter into a racing rhythm after the off-season. In addition, they have also become unavailable a full workout on the track because of the regime of isolation that impacted all of the sports facilities.

How to train the riders on the quarantine?

Like any other technical sport, road racing (road RACING) require regular training on the track. The pilots some of them are already told, as time in quarantine.

Alexey Ivanov from CSKA “DMC Racing” “I bought a home fingerboard, dumbbells, pancakes, bench press, assorted elastic bands, mats”to keep fit at home. The interlocutor of team SPB Racing Team also trained at home with the bike, chin-up bar and parallel bars, taking the opportunity to travel to pitbike as the luxury of the new time.

Radical just spoke teammate Alexander Hordiychuk — Makar Yurchenko, who is well known to us all as a fighter, to reach the world Cup.

RSBK 2020 after COVID-19 — Whats next?

Don’t let each other cheat, nikak gym will not replace the bike and what it can give the rider. Take for example the most difficult 2019, in which I passed fully the world Cup. You’re so used to overloads, that build the right training program without a motorcycle in conditions of isolation — it is unreal.

Now such a situation, it is unclear whether all the track days and racing this year. But you can be sure that my team is ready and on the whistle will load the bikes and get on training on large tracks, take part in competitions.

RSBK 2020 after COVID-19 — Whats next?

When will the competitions start RSBK 2020?

The organizers of the race are bound hand and foot. Reconciliation of racing stages is complicated by the separate decrees of the authorities: some forbid entry, others require adherence to a two-week quarantine after crossing the border region – and let’s not forget about the General ban on public events.

Summer and the weakening of several measures gives hope for the start of the racing season in June. All look to the future with hope, to stop its activities of sports teams and facilities might not withstand another month of downtime. Thus, we can only hope that the second half of June 2020 will be the beginning of a full racing season 2020.

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