Which Motorcycle Shock Absorbers To Choose?

How to choose motorcycle shock absorbers

For those who have been racking their brains for some time to figure out which shock absorbers to choose for their bike, and are still at the mercy of indecision, there are some tips that could be useful. If it is not possible to regenerate your old shock absorbers (however, you must be sure that recovery is not possible), or you simply want to change the old ones, you should consider well which models to choose. Also find out how to find best shocks for harley touring.

Competition spare parts: is the game worth the candle?

Competitors’ spare parts usually cost less than the original ones, for the same quality. However, it may happen to find competitive spare parts that cost more than the original ones: this is because surely a higher quality corresponds to a higher price. A very used brand is Bitubo, a serious brand that is now widespread on the market.

Bitubo, but not only

Bitubo is a brand of shock absorbers that, at various costs and services, is now very traceable for specialized shops or on online stores. Clearly the choice of shock absorbers varies according to the needs of the motorcyclist, but also for the motorcycle in which they are to be mounted. Of reliable brands of shock absorbers, however, we find not only Bitubo but also Sachs, Ikon and Hagon.

A legend on the regenerated shock absorbers to be debunked

First of all, it is not true that regenerated shock absorbers are worse. Everything in these cases depends above all on the quality of the processing that the companies have carried out on the product. Among the remanufactured shock absorbers, one brand that certainly stands out is that of the Shock Absorbers Hats, which in addition to offering a one-year warranty allows you to have a custom calibration. The shock absorbers of Cappelli ammortizzatori are generally judged in a very positive way by enthusiasts.

A general advice

In the case of shock absorbers, the general advice (which is also wise) is that the more one spends the less one spends. In the sense that shock absorbers is a sector where a higher price actually corresponds to a higher quality, and consequently also to a longer duration. always bearing in mind that the duration of shock absorbers largely depends on the road surface where you travel and the type of driving adopted, it is quite obvious, however, that if you spend 50 euros per shock absorber you cannot hope that it will last a lifetime.

What if the shock absorber breaks?

Surely, the possibility that a regenerated shock absorber has problems or that it could break is much higher than a new shock absorber can have. In this case, the relationship of trust with the person who carried out the work plays a fundamental role, of course. But another important thing that should be done would be to have the product insured by a warranty that protects against possible malfunctions, and that can avoid problems of any kind in the repair.

Choosing new or remanufactured shock absorbers, then?

New motorcycle shock absorbers can be much more expensive than remanufactured shock absorbers, although this is not always the case. For example, Monroe sensatrack shock absorbers are new, but they have the same price as remanufactured shock absorbers. Moreover, among the new ones, there are real kits that are almost racing like D2, KW, KONI etc. etc.. The purchase of the new ones depends on the degree of risk that you intend to face, and on your economic possibilities.

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