You are a woman seduced by the bike, but you want to stay classy when you arrive at the office? Like men, passionate or having practical sense, more and more active women choose the two or three wheels for business trips.

Scooters can even be rented for an interview, work, or training in the big cities. So how to be feminine while riding 2 wheels? Here are some tracks.

Keeping a beautiful hair under the helmet: hair to protect

Would you like to know the movie stars thing always to stay radiant when they take off their motorcycle helmets? Do you remember, for example, Megan Fox in Transformers with her still flawless look, and you would like to know how she does it? It’s simple, and the movies are there to make us dream.

 So no illusion, it is tough to keep a perfect blow-dry after a good half hour under a helmet. It is, therefore, difficult to reconcile the constraints of safety with beauty on two wheels, but rest assured: there are solutions to stay pretty well.

First of all, avoid leaving your hair loose during the journey. Long hair floating in the wind gets tangled up and spoils. Without short haircuts, be sure to attach them as you please and keep them under the helmet: mat, braids, ponytail, bun fixed or duvets …

You can also protect them with the neck of the jacket, a round of neck, or scarf.

Styling products, such as low-fixation lacquer or serum, can help restore your beautiful hair before arriving at the office. A foam volume can also restore the swelling once the hair out of the helmet. Avoid, however, frost and foam that, once moistened by sweat, will deform your hairstyle even more. Essential element: think especially to bring a hairbrush, knowing that pocket-sized folding brushes exist. Accompany it if needed, a dry shampoo.

Naturally, the women’s motorcycle helmet remains an essential constraint for our safety at all. But to avoid the static electricity created by friction, sub-helmets like Panama Tucano Urbano, a thin cap, a hood, a silk scarf, or even a bandana can be used by the madam.

Besides the daily care for your hair, the cleanliness of the helmet is also fundamental. As much for your hair as for the skin of your face, prefer a regular cleaning of the inner foams with soapy water with Marseille soap or a neutral product. Warning: for your health, precisely avoid chemicals harmful to your skin, such as products like “carpet and carpet cleaners.” Also, you would damage the foam of your helmet.

Finally, if you are still in the choice of your helmet, choose a well ventilated and ventilated helmet with all the removable foams.

Light and waterproof makeup: the assurance of staying fresh

Bikers and scooters know it: helmet foams are not compatible with thick layers of foundation. If you want to wear makeup before riding your bike or scooter, do light!

First, it is essential to moisturize and protect your skin, which can be sensitized by pollution. On the other hand, greasy creams are to be avoided.

 Favor the transparent or light foundation. The best is to focus on the eyes and lips if these parts are not in contact with the helmet. And to avoid the “black eye” effect, prefer waterproof makeup. Water and air can make little crying eyes and so hello powder flowing: so goodbye Rimmel, kohl, eyeliner, and mascara that are not resistant. This is also the reason why some bikers opt for permanent makeup.

And of course, do your best to make up once you arrived at your place of work. The ideal is to take a look in his retro, to bring a pocket mirror or go nose up in the toilet if they are not in the same place as the meeting place.

Tip: for an ideal motorcycle makeup, always think about having your emergency beauty kit with cleansing wipes (you never know), cotton swabs, and your natural products (pencil for the eyes, mascara, the background of expressing complexion …). Yes, but biker sexy!

Nails rather short and hydrated hands

When it comes to nails, it’s best to keep them pretty quick. This avoids the breakage and from a technical point of view, prevents a superior glove size that causes loss of maneuverability and sensitivity in the handles. Then treat your hands with a moisturizer. With a great homemade manicure, you will have pretty hands with brand new nails.

Watch the wear of the seam from time to time by turning the gloves over. For beautiful hands, be sure to keep your gloves clean by following the recommended cleaning.

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