The handbag: how to transport this businesswoman accessory?

Even on a motorcycle or scooter, an active woman can not do without her trusty handbag. The tank bag is handy, but you have to take it with you to work.

Otherwise, the famous top-case can also store your handbag, but also your beauty kit, spare shoes, lighter clothes, a laptop, etc.

The backpack is, however, not recommended if you want to appear classy when arriving at your professional appointment, even if it is true that the suppliers make efforts artistic side.

A pro look, without setting aside your security

Giving a professional self-image to work is, most of the time, very important. But how to reconcile the imperatives of safety with a professional, chic, and trendy outfit? How to combine the tailor and the two-wheelers, while remaining protected?

If you want to wear a decidedly feminine outfit, the best solution is to provide storage again to change after your trip! A wrinkle-resistant gear is naturally recommended.

Nevertheless, the brands of equipment for motorcyclists and scooters make efforts with lines more feminine or removable, without neglecting the protections.

For the top, you can put a jacket or a motorcycle jacket over your clothes. It is quite possible to wear a pretty silk top and blouse under a coat close to the body or a jacket type trench. Anyway, think security, we can never say it enough.

At the bottom, if you have little storage capacity, the over pants are worn on pants as well as on a skirt. Some also have CE approved protectors on the knees and hips. So finish the anxieties to wear a distinguished skirt, flared pants, or a tailor. The unique motorcycle and scooter jeans are also a good option if the dress code of your company allows it. For example, you can opt for tight jeans with Cordura and removable protections.

As for shoes, it is best to leave a pair at the office or take your favorite shoes with you. If you are determined to put on your slightly feminine shoes already because it is a little two-wheeled ride, a selector guard or a shoe guard can do the trick. On the other hand, barefoot is to be banned at all costs when you ride!

The final touch: jewelry not too bulky and solid

In silver, sobriety is preferable but not mandatory. If wearing a bracelet or a necklace does not usually pose any particular concern, a large ring under gloves or giant earrings Creole type is to be avoided. You will have to resolve to remove them before taking the road.

Another solution is the hat or mask that covers the ears. In spite of everything, choose a sturdy clasp for your earrings.

From small jewelry resistant, therefore, are the preferred solution for business trips in 2 or 3 wheels.

On motorbikes or scooters, there are solutions to be both elegant and well protected. Everything is a matter of common sense, compromise, and organization. Feel free to send us your tips if you too, are a woman conciliating two-wheelers and dress code office!

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